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At Intreeg Landscapes, we are Sydney’s landscape design and gardening design, renovation and garden maintenance experts. We provide landscaping services, landscape construction, garden design services and garden renovation services to clients in and around Sydney, Sutherland Shire, Inner West and Eastern Suburbs.

We offer a full range of garden maintenance and landscape services, including:

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  • Rendering services

    If you’re looking to create a clean, polished look for the exterior of your house, it’s hard to go past a rendered finish. At Intreeg Landscapes, we are Sydney’s experts in rendering services. We landscape design consultants, designers and project manager in Sydney specialise in all rendering effects – coarse, smooth and textured. Whether you intend to paint over the rendering or opt for a tinted rendering finish, our professional rendering services will leave your house looking immaculate. To discuss the range of rendering options available, call us today.

  • Timber deck extension

    Perhaps the single greatest way to add value to your outdoor entertaining area is to add a timber deck extension. At Intreeg Landscapes, we work with you through the entire process. Our professional designers are on hand to create a design that you love, and our team of landscapers will bring your timber deck extension to life. To find out how we can transform your garden into your dream outdoor living space, call us today for an obligation free consultation.

  • Timber landscaping

    If you are looking to introduce a more natural element to your garden, Intreeg Landscapes’ timber landscaping experts can help. Whether it’s through decking, steps, fencing, planter boxes or edging, our team can help bring your timber landscaping ideas to life. For a free consultation to discuss your landscaping requirements, contact the friendly Intreeg Landscapes team today.

  • Glass fencing

    Whether you are looking to install glass fencing in your backyard to meet NSW swimming pool regulations, or whether you like the modern, seamless look a glass fence gives, the team at Intreeg Landscapes will provide you with Sydney’s most expert glass fencing installation service. As industry professionals, we have the experience and the tools to install your glass fencing quickly and to the highest professional standard. Call us today to for an obligation free quote.

  • All roofing services

    At Intreeg Landscapes, we offer all roofing services. Whatever your needs, our roofing specialists can advise on and carry out roof replacements, roof restoration, guttering services, re-roofing, and roof repairs. For Sydney’s experts in all roofing services, call Intreeg Landscapes and arrange a consultation today.

  • Driveway paving and paving services

    Paving is the simplest way to achieve an effortless, pulled together look for your home. At Intreeg Landscapes we are Sydney’s experts in paving services, including driveway paving. Our experienced team of professionals are meticulous in their planning and attention to detail, and will leave your pool area, patio, courtyard, driveway or walkway looking pristine. For Sydney’s highest quality paving services and driveway paving, call Intreeg Landscapes today.

  • Concreting services

    At Intreeg Landscapes, we offer Sydney’s very best in professional concreting services. Whatever your needs, our team can accommodate. Our concreting services include driveways, patios, carports, stairs, walkways, slabs, swimming pools, and retaining walls. To discuss your concreting requirements and arrange an obligation free quote, call us today.

  • Stamped concreting

    While stamped concreting is an attractive option for anyone on a budget, it is an excellent method of creating texture and adding dimension to any outdoor setting. The team at Intreeg Landscapes specialise in stamped concreting and can transform the look of your poolside, driveway, entryway, courtyard or patio. Whatever style, colour or texture you have in mind, call Sydney’s experts in stamped concreting today to arrange a free consultation.

  • Garden irrigation

    For a garden to thrive, it’s essential to have a well-designed garden irrigation system in place. We offer expert garden irrigation services to ensure that your outdoor area receives the watering it needs to stay healthy. At Intreeg Landscapes, it’s our goal to make your garden maintenance as easy as possible, so each of our garden irrigation systems is tailored to suit you and your lifestyle. To talk to Sydney’s experts about your irrigation requirements, call Intreeg Landscapes today.

  • Garden pergola installation

    A garden pergola is the perfect outdoor retreat - whether you want a relaxed space to entertain in or just enjoy your garden while being shaded from the sun or rain. At Intreeg Landscapes, not only do we carefully plan the placement and take care of the installation of your garden pergola, we also specialise in the design of the surrounding landscape. Call us today to arrange an obligation free consultation.

  • Turfing and turf laying services

    Professional turfing can transform the look and functionality of your garden. At Intreeg Landscapes we offer a full range of turfing and turf laying services, including preparation, pre-installation and post turf laying services. If you want to find out how much greener the grass can be, call Intreeg Landscaping today and enquire about our turfing options and turf laying services.

  • Retaining walls landscaping

    Retaining walls landscaping is an essential aspect of garden design. Structural retaining walls are used for supporting garden structures, while decorative retaining walls add visual appeal to an outdoor area. No matter your budget or design ideas, Intreeg Landscapes will find a retaining walls landscaping solution to suit you and your garden. Call us today for to arrange an obligation free consultation.

  • Structural retaining walls and decorative retaining walls

    Our team of professionals is here to assist with your garden’s structural retaining walls and decorative retaining walls. Our landscaping specialists can advise you about the type and placement of structural retaining walls and can recommend the best design and placement of decorative retaining walls for maximum visual appeal in your garden. Whether your garden requires a weight bearing structural retaining wall or a decorative retaining wall to add character and definition, call Intreeg Landscapes today.

  • Tree lopping services

    Intreeg Landscapes’ tree lopping services are second to none. Whether your garden has trees that need pruning back into shape or removing completely, our tree lopping team brings the expert knowledge and tools to get the job done. To discuss the range of tree lopping services we offer, call our friendly team today.

  • Stump grinding and stump removal

    Stump grinding and stump removal can be integral to your garden’s health and appearance. Tree stumps can be infested with termites and white ants, and are prone to rot. What’s more, they can ruin the overall look of your garden. Tree stumps are notoriously difficult to remove, but here at Intreeg Landscapes we have the expert knowledge and tools to grind and remove all tree stumps quickly and efficiently. For Sydney’s expert stump grinding and stump removal services, call Intreeg Landscapes today.

We specialise in simple, modern garden design and pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of professional service to our clients. No matter the size of your project or your budget, our friendly team of professionals will find a solution to transform your outdoor living.

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With our full range of landscape garden design services, our team of experienced and enthusiastic landscaping professionals will provide you with a comprehensive service –from initial design of the overall garden right through to construction.

With our full range of garden design services, our team of experienced and enthusiastic garden landscaping and renovation professionals will provide you with a comprehensive service –from initial garden design ideas and garden renovation ideas through to renovation and construction.

A well-kept garden can transform the appearance of your property. Whether you are selling or leaving a rental property and need a tidy garden ready for inspections; whether you need regular assistance with the maintenance of your outdoor space; or whether you feel that things have gotten out of hand and you just need a one off visit to get your garden sorted, we will get your garden looking impeccable.

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